Artist Statement

The Twisted Sisters' collaboration began at birth, but it took us a few decades to realize it.  My sister, Debbie Graham and I have worked separately and together for many years in several different mediums, using trial and error as well as blood, sweat and laughter to launch ourselves into whatever harebrained scheme that caught our interest.    

We started with fashion, interior and jewelry design, woodworking and marketing, never realizing those would be the building blocks for us to become metal sculptors.  After spending years together in the fearless pursuit of the happiness of creation, we have gone on to pursue our own separate dreams, although she is still with me every step of the way, just in another dimension. With her helping me along, I feel that all of our previous creative endeavors were part of the learning process I’ve used to prepare myself for my greatest passion – metal sculpture. 

I create sculptures of light, water, earth and fire using steel, copper, cast iron, glass and found treasures to make each piece unique.  I start with flat sheets of metal and transform them into lighting, fountains, wall sculptures and freestanding sculptures.  I use an oxy-acetylene torch to braise copper, hammering and detailing it with brass rods to enhance the beauty of the metal and, thus, earning me the title of “Brazin’ Queen.”   I use my MIG welder to construct the sculptures, but also to texture and add drama – literally painting with wire.  I am proud to be a charter member of “WOW” – Women of Welding.

My plasma cutter gives me complete freedom to cut thick metal into complicated shapes, allowing me to create 3D metal interpretations of the images and patterns I see in my dreams.   Some feel that it takes a strong hand to work with metal, but I find the opposite is true.  I romance the metal, relax, and let the tools do the work. 

The joy of creation has many dimensions.  Being receptive to an image at the moment it happens is where the collision of creation and control play a vital part.  I have learned to listen to those moments and let them tell me where to go.   

Art celebrates life and it exists beyond the constraints of politics or fashion.  I make new discoveries every day, which makes every task an adventure.  My education comes from the trial and error of following my visions, listening to the goddess within me and being unafraid of failure.

Linda Hobdy

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