Customer Spotlight - Barbara Nowak
(One half of the Saucy Sisters, Nashville media personalities and wine connoisseurs. )

"I first saw the Twisted Sisters work at a Nashville art festival, and their pieces just blew my mind.  I didn't buy anything at the time, but I always kept them in mind.   

When I decided to change the lighting in the master bedroom and bath, they were the ones I called.  I knew I wanted something that was one-of-a-kind...something that would make a statement...and also something that wouldn't break my bank.  They did some preliminary drawings, which looked great.  But I wasn't prepared for how breathtaking the actual fixtures turned out to be.  When they came to install them, I couldn't let them leave the bedroom without making a toast to their creativity with some champagne."

Custom Master Bath Lighting

Lights that make you smile.
Custom Bedroom Lights

A dramatic way to light up a bedroom.

"From that first custom work, I've continued to add other pieces from their collection like wall sconces in my husband's office and a guest bedroom.  And, I've given both lamps and metal sculptures as gifts to friends and relatives."

Wall Sconce - Office
Clarinet wall sconce adds a fun touch to any room.  More...


Wall Sconce - Bedroom
Unique ambiance for the guest bedroom. More...

"The biggest  addition of Twisted Sisters art came when we remodeled our house with a new kitchen and den addition.  The elements they created are more than exquisitely beautiful...they're perfectly functional.  Like the copper wall fountain that camouflages some unwanted noises to the copper and steel legs that support my cutting board to the braised copper backsplash that cleans easily to the hammered copper bar countertop that has survived countless parties. 

Every single person who's walked into our kitchen and den has been awestruck by the incorporation of Twisted Sisters functional art.  (And, in all honesty, it still takes my breath away every day.)  Even our contractor and several subs asked to show the rooms to both clients and wives for ideas for other projects."

Custom Bar
Copper countertop and custom lighting.


Custom Copper Backsplash
Nashville's Saucy Sisters at work in Barbara's remodeled kitchen.  More...

Custom Spiral Table
Custom table holds cutting board.  More...
Copper Wall Fountain

Camouflages unwanted noises