Customer Spotlight - Basic Kneads Massage and Skin Care, Nashville, TN
Lisa Smith opened the doors of Basic Kneads in 1997 and has been refining her skills in massage therapy for over 10 years.  She has used Twisted Sister art extensively to decorate her office. 

"Basic Kneads Massage & Skin Care, is, by design and function, a place where people come to relax, refresh, and begin to heal their mind, body, and spirit.  It was, and is, my mission for Basic Kneads to not only provide my clients with the most professional staff possible, but also, the most conducive atmosphere for performing and receiving our work. That's where "The Twisted Sisters" art comes in!

Twisted Sister art lights the hallway at Basic Kneads.


Twisted Sister lamp and wall sculpture creates cozy corner in one of the treatment rooms.


Wall sconce in the reception area

Choosing their work, especially the lighting, was a perfect way to create the ambiance, and the energy that I feel is necessary for my business.  From the reception area, where my clients are first greeted with a wonderful glow from behind the desk, to every treatment room, each with it's own personality and warmth, everyone, including myself and my staff, enjoys being here.  Practically every client that comes through the door comments on how pleasing the atmosphere is and most have questions about a piece or two that are their favorites!

Funky copper lighting adds flare to an ordinary bathroom.


Copper turns a steam shower into a work of art.

The Twisted Sisters' organically inspired work with copper helped me turn my steam shower into a work of art.  And the funky copper flower in my small restroom illuminates required areas with a flare that is always appreciated.

Show stopper at the end of the hall.


Everyone wants this piece that lights up a treatment room.

With the help of "The Twisted Sisters", we've been able to create at Basic Kneads the perfect environment for the best possible experience for everyone who comes into our office.  Many of my clients have contacted the "Twisteds" and have had them create works of art to bring joy to their own homes!

I always enjoy the smiles I see on faces, as they walk in, look around, and feel the wonderful energy that "The Twisted Sisters" have created for Basic Kneads!"

More about the owner, Lisa Smith.