Customer Spotlight - Emily and Chuck Beard, Nashville, TN
-Emily and Chuck Beard live in East Nashville.  Both are art lovers and supporters of the arts.  Chuck writes a blog for and is the editor of Number Inc.-arts publication covering art happenings in Mississippi, Arkansas, and Tennessee.  Emily is the Community Relations Manager for the Frist Center for the Visual Arts and is an artist in her own right - Batik, Oil Painting and Graphic Design.

I met Linda and Debbie of Twisted Sisters Art over 10 years ago when a group of ladies invited me out to their studio for a workshop. I am a two dimensional artist, myself, and was quickly frustrated by the challenges of their three dimensional art form. However, I was empowered by not only the use of skill saws & blow torches but also working side by side with some kindred, strong, hard-working ladies.  

Beard Kitchen Before New Lighting


Fast-forward to today…I am now married and working to turn a house into a home with my husband in East Nashville. While our house had already been flipped to a point when we bought it, we are currently in the throes of our own home renovations.


Beard Kitchen with New Lighting



I found myself shopping around for new lighting in our kitchen when it dawned on me that this was the chance to visit a desire in my heart that ignited back in the days of that single workshop. 




There are many reasons why I spent close to six hours (true story) gazing at our Twisted Sisters Art lights the night after Linda installed them in our kitchen.




The obvious reason would be the beautiful and unique touch they add to the room. Another reason being, the pride I have that these ladies are still in my life, still inspiring me, and are now a lovely part of our home!”
   -Emily Harper Beard