Customer Spotlight - Liz and Ben Leedle, Nashville, TN
-Liz is an avid fitness proponent, runner, biker, and weightlifter and, as a cancer survivor herself, is a committed volunteer for Hope on Wheels cycling fundraiser for breast cancer.  Ben is the CEO of Healthways, Inc. a company helping people maintain and improve their health and quality of life one decision at a time.

Liz and Ben LeedleWhat started with a new table centerpiece turned into a series of creations that transformed the dining room of Ben and Liz Leedle into an art showplace.

The next step was to replace the existing dining room chandelier with one of the Twisted Sisters Art "chandeweird's".

With the new piece over the dining room table, Liz wanted to update the lighting on the nearby buffet table which lead to the creation of the colorful Jimmy "Buffett" light flanked by two small table lamps.

Once the lighting on the buffet table was updated, it was clear that the existing mirror needed a more contemporary flair which lead to the creation of a new copper trimmed Twisted Sisters Art mirror.

(Click on the photos to see larger images of the dining room creations.)

"I met the Twisted Sisters at Centennial Park at an art festival a few years back.  It didn't take me long to realize after my first purchase of a vase and metal flowers that I loved their work.    My husband was worried that if we bought too much of their art that it would overwhelm our house.

I have always thought of myself as an artist at heart.  I know what looks good, what would work, I just can't make it happen myself.   The truly unique aspect of Linda is that I invite her over, share with her my desires (mostly size and colors), and allow her to be creative.   She always offers a drawing and I refuse.  Just let your creative juices flow. 

As you can tell by all of the art in our house, it works, it looks good, and we love to show off our art.

In the spring, summer and fall, we live outside with great fires, a great party patio and the sound of our lovely unusual fountains that were inspired by the surrounding scenery.  They both are a conversation piece as well as soothing to the mind and beauty to the eyes.

With as fast as life moves, I find it peaceful to stop and look at the art, whether it is drinking a glass of wine or just turning out the lights to go to bed."   -Liz Leedle

(Click on the photos to see larger images of art.)