Customer Spotlight - Susan Coleman, Louisville, KY

Susan Coleman lives in a beautiful, four story, 122 year old Victorian home in historic Old Louisville, KY. She called on Twisted Sisters Art to create custom work for a remodeling project.  Susan knows a thing or two about art as she was the Director of the nationally acclaimed St. James Court Art Show in Louisville from 1995 to 2004 during which time the show was named the best art show in the nation!

Susan Coleman"Linda & Debbie had applied to the St. James Court Art Show fairly early in my 10 year-tenure as its director. I remember their slides did not flatter their work, but I could still tell that their work was creative, well-made and quite unique! They ended up on the wait list after the jury process, and as fate determined - they filled a last-minute cancellation for the 1999 show.

I think any art show director will tell you that after a few years on the job you become rather jaded. It is a challenge to find artwork that is different from what's been seen and done before. The Twisted Sisters used found objects, common household items and scrap metal to create something truly unique and different. They were on the cutting edge of recycling long before everyone else started riding that wave. Their work has what my husband Jeff Layman calls that "wow factor", which means when you walk into their booth at a show, you say out loud without even thinking "WOW!". "

Custom Master Bath Lighting

Custom Shower Sculpture

"I wanted the "wow factor" in our house 24/7. I did NOT want to buy something from a chain hardware or lighting store that anyone else could also obtain. It was important to me that the sculptural and lighting elements of our new kitchen and master bath be one-of-a-kind - not like anything else, anywhere else! I did most of the design myself, and it is certainly unique to me (I have a degree in art and make my living now as a graphic designer), so I expected what Linda would come up for me would be a reflection of my style and taste. She was actually the first person I consulted - she made a special trip to visit the space, review my drawings and try to get a feel for what I wanted. Boy, did she nail it!"

Custom Kitchen Copper Backsplash



Custom Kitchen Lights


We purchased and continue to purchase Twisted Sisters Art because we LOVE it! We were so drawn to their work and them personally that they actually stay with us when they are in town for the St. James Court Art Show .We not only have many, many lighting sources (lamps, sconces, pendants, chanceliers), but also functional pieces like a fireplace screen, fountains and countertop backsplash. There is rarely a time when visitors do not comment on our Twisted Sisters Art work. And one of the cool things is that it does not all look alike. Even our oldest pieces still elicit that "WOW factor"!"

 Wine Bottle Fountain



Light Fixture


Wall Sconce


Wow Chandeweird



Fireplace Screen