Product Info


All candelabras come with your choice of stainless steel or copper inserts.  These are metal screens and are completely fireproof. They have glass votives that will hold votives, or even larger candles.  The wall candles hang on the wall with a picture hook or nail.  As with any candle, do not leave unattended.  


All Twisted Sisters sconces, lamps, and floor lamps are made with UL approved new  fixtures.  The sconces all come with twisted wire disguising the cord -- making it a design feature of the sconce.  All sconces hang on the wall using only a picture hanger, and are very easy to install.  The sconces may be used outside as long as there is sufficient overhang to protect them from direct rain.  They have been sprayed with a clear coat, but if you keep them outside you may want to re-spray once a year.  


The sculptures may be  installed with picture hooks, some may require anchors depending on the weight.  They have all been sprayed with a clear coat, and may be used outside.  A clear coat added once a year will keep them looking great forever.  Just use any spray clear coat from the hardware store.  Do not spray in damp weather, or it may turn cloudy.  


The fountains all come with a re-circulating pump attached and ready to go, just add water at least halfway up the height of the pump, and plug it in.  The pump is guaranteed for one year, and if you need a replacement after that we will send you one for $20, or you may purchase one at a Lowe's or Home Depot.  These fountains may be used indoors or outdoors, with the exception of the Constant Buzz - only because of the paper label.  If you want to put the Buzz outside, you can put tape over the label to protect it.  It is advisable to bring the fountains in before snow and ice descend. The fountains have been sprayed with a clear coat, but it may be advisable to re-coat once a year if they start to look dull.   


Please contact me to discuss any custom work you might have in mind, regardless of size.  Any of the sconces may be customized by size, and may be hard-wired.  Over the years, I have done many custom projects for my clients.  I am always open to new ideas.  Click here to view some these projects.


Your Twisted Sisters Art work is guaranteed to last indefinitely, and give you a lot of pleasure.  Since beginning this work in 1997, no pieces have been returned.  I am confident that you will be satisfied and delighted, and that your pieces will only increase in value.  Please feel free to send  pictures so that can be added to our gallery, and have proof that our babies have a happy and loving home.  


You may return any Twisted Sisters Art or Lindatwist Jewelry piece within 30 days for a full refund + cost of return shipping. We will ship every piece with insurance, so if anything is damaged, save the packing and boxes so that they can be inspected by the shipping company.  All claims of damage in shipping must be made with 7 days of receipt. 

For more information, please contact us.